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About UsLearn our story to understand what we do and why we do it

We create opportunity by bringing people together

SoulShare is a community designed for people to discover and celebrate the incredible talent around them. It's not just another social media site; it's a movement of people using their talents to meet, learn from, and inspire each other. Whether you're a creator, fan, or looking to hire talent for your venue, SoulShare has something for you.







Our mission and values

Our mission is to bring attention to the incredible talent artists and musicians have to offer, and empower them to learn from, collaborate with, and inspire one another through the common interests they share. In all that we do, we strive for excellence and integrity, and prioritize people over profit.

Our story

SoulShare has been built by creators, for creators, to solve the problems we've experienced firsthand. We also spent extensive time listening to other creators to see if their problems were in line with our own. What we found is nearly all artists and musicians face the same challenges:

  1. Getting their work noticed through all of the noise of other creators and building an income
  2. Connecting with other creators to learn from, make professional connections, or simply make friends that share their interests
  3. Finding inspiration to keep creating
  4. Finding art supplies or music equipment
  5. Balancing time between creating and other responsibilities

These are the problems we've dedicated ourselves to solving; to learn more about how we're doing that, read our blog or try SoulShare out for yourself.