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Artwork by Sarah Masters
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SoulShare makes it easy for people in the community to find and be a resource to each other:

  • Join a band
  • Find mentors to improve your skills
  • Make friends that share your interests

The list above are just examples, of course; use SoulShare to make the right connections for your situation!

Make a name for yourself

Use your SoulShare profile as your professional portfolio and let your work speak for itself.

A top rank in your field on SoulShare is more meaningful because, unlike most platforms, ranking is weighted to favor the opinion of your peers. For example, painters that receive top rankings on SoulShare get that spot because other painters think they're the best, not just because the general public thinks so.

Learn and collaborate

Use SoulShare's simple, but powerful, search tools to find other creators in your area offering lessons to help you grow, or interested in helping you with your next project. Interact with the SoulShare community to get feedback on what you're working on.

Find inspiration

Immerse yourself in your interests with customizable newsfeeds and powerful search tools catered to show you more of what you care about most. Browse the content that talented creators are posting on SoulShare to find inspiration for your own projects.

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