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You can upload images, audio and PDFs to SoulShare. If you'd like to add video, click the "Embed Video" button





Some common questions users may have are answered below:

  1. What file formats does SoulShare support?
    • Images: png, jpeg, gif, bmp
    • Audio: mp3, ogg
    • Video: SoulShare supports YouTube embedded videos. You can refer to their supported formats here
    • Documents: pdf

  2. What is your character limit for user names and handles?
    • For user names, we allow 30 printable characters.
    • For handles, we allow up to 40 numbers and letters; you may also use '.' and '_' in between characters (e.g. John_Doe.1).

  3. What is an "Unlisted" category?

    If you would like to add content to your profile without it showing up on the rest of SoulShare, you may set it to unlisted.

  4. There aren't any categories that match my upload.

    More categories will be added in time, subject to popular demand. In the meantime you may set your content to the "Other" category.